Splitpea Public Relations and Events

Splitpea Productions use cutting edge, award winning technology to offer virtual conferences and presentations which can be streamed to a select or open audiences. Our facilities enable participation and interaction from anywhere in the world – creating a truly global event. Our clients have been delighted as they reach out to audiences, no matter where they are, with contributions streamed across hundreds or even thousands of miles.

We can make your event really special at the right price for you. Careful planning and with a wealth of technical expertise to call on, ensures your event is flawless. Our events include live feeds from all across the globe using affordable internet technology. Extensive testing and the best technical people made sure your event punches far above its weight and has everyone talking about it.

Examples of our Public Relations and Events Work

Johnson & Johnson


Live Streaming

An example of our work around the world

Live from Cape Town we produced and streamed this symposium for Johnson & Johnson, taking in feeds and questions form around the world.

Splitpea Productions delivered two live shows commissioned by Johnson & Johnson for its Europerio 7 event in Vienna and attended by several thousand medical professionals. We used cutting edge technology to combine live feeds from around the world. This exciting showpiece won an innovation award for its creative use of technology.

Eight virtual presentations were delivered live into the conference. Question and answer sessions took place between the conference in Vienna and participants in countries including Greece, Italy, India, the USA and the UK. The entire production was devised and delivered flawlessly by Splitpea and our team and won praise from both actual ttendees and hundreds more who viewed the event online.

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